Self-Managed Super Funds, Tax Returns & Accounting Solutions for Adelaide. We are local, personal and experts you can trust. Call us today!


Solve complex tax problems, Auditing, Business Advice, Property Development and Not-for-profit charitable organisations.

We support the community in many ways. We sponsor a child overseas through World Vision, work as Vice President on the board and finance committee of Orana Incorporated, and act for free for several clients who are in difficult financial or personal situations. We audit the Graham F Smith Peace Trust on a Pro Bono basis.

I have passed the Institute of Chartered Accountants Self-Managed Super Fund Specialisation exam.

This entitles me to call myself a self-managed super fund specialist, although I am already a registered company auditor and almost every client that I have runs their own fund. (its like having your own little private tax haven - great tax benefits!).

I am also experienced in assisting funds with technical and compliance problems of many kinds.

Please contact us on 0419 830 393 anytime.


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